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on all 6/12 months subscriptions

features of our iptv sUBSCRIPTION

industry leading iptv technology

over 17,600 channels

over 88,000

over 15,000 tv series



Unlock the ultimate MEDIA Experience With AN
iptv SubscriptioN

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a digital television broadcasting system that uses the internet to transmit television programs and other video content. Here are some reasons why an IPTV subscription is a better choice over traditional cable services:

Cost-effective: IPTV is a lot more affordable than traditional cable services. An Ultimate Media IPTV subscription offers a wide range of channels, from across the globe, at lower prices than any cable services. IPTV Canada for example, offers channels in English and French, with a vast number of channels, our customers tell us the range is greater than anything they could get through a traditional service. 

Convenience: With IPTV, you can watch TV on any device that has an internet connection, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This means that you can watch your favorite shows and movies from anywhere at any time.

Higher picture quality: Ultimate Media IPTV offers high-definition and even 4K video quality, which is not always available with traditional cable services especially in the USA where IPTV offers a huge upgrade in picture quality over most services.  NFL for example is broadcast in 4K on IPTV UK and shows the exact same feed that is broadcast in USA....but better!

Interactive features: Ultimate Media IPTV subscriptions come with features such as video-on-demand, time-shifted TV, and pause and rewind capabilities. This means that you can watch your favorite shows on your own schedule, and even pause and rewind live TV.

Overall, Ultimate Media IPTV subscriptions offer many advantages over traditional cable services, including cost-effectiveness, convenience, higher picture quality, and interactive features. Check out our IPTV Free trial today and see how you can join the digital revolution.

Information about IPTV Free Trials

Our 12 hour IPTV Free Trials include everything, require no card details and are completely free of any obligation.  Connection is fast, and all that is required from you is a valid email address and contact number.   We want to help you as quickly as possible so it is important we are able to communicate with you.

Please make sure to read the Installation page carefully and follow the instructions for your device. 



Have a
12 hour IPTV Free Trial

see why we are the best IPTV subscription money can buy. 

What do you have to lose?

Every IPTV Subscription can be used across multiple devices such as your phone/tablet, Laptop, TV or Firestick.  This comes as standard and you can use your IPTV subscription on as many devices as you like.  However, one IPTV subscription only allows you to use one device at a time, if you purchase multiple device IPTV subscriptions then you can have 2/3/4/5 etc simultaneous connections allowing you to use your IPTV subscription in different rooms, or even in different houses, at the same time

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Choose your VOD Package

Thanks for your order, we will be in touch very soon with your login details.  Please monitor your emails/whatsapp for our message


Why choose Ultimate Media?

We are passionate about our business and continually strive to improve every aspect of our IPTV service, we listen to our customers and are always looking to deliver the best IPTV service that we can, that is reliable, stable and offers great value. 

We focus on the content our customers ask for, we offer more than 17,600 channels of content IN 4K, FHD, HD AND SD. We offer over 5000+ premium sports channels that enable our customers to watch IPTV Live sport from around the world, Pay Per View events, 200+ Adult IPTV XXX channels, over 88,000 Movies and 15,000 TV series on demand, plus Catch UP channels that are selected to represent the content our customers enjoy.   Our aim is to save you money and help you cut the cord from your expensive cable/streaming services.   

Build your own iptv package that suits your needs

We have built our business around our product and our customer service is best-in-class in the IPTV industry.  We have been operating for over 5 years and have thousands of happy customers who renew every year.

Many IPTV services offer prices that are unrealistic and are just too good to be true, many disappear after taking your money and have little, or none, customer support.  We have a dedicated customer support team who will be available to help with any query you may have. 


This gives our customers peace of mind that we are real, that we will still be here next week, month and for many years to come.   Many people around the world are struggling to make a living and we understand that at Ultimate Media IPTV.  We want you to join us, and then we want you to stay with us, and recommend your own friends and family, if we can do that then we have succeeded in our mission.

We also offer full installation support for all devices including Apple, Android, Amazon Firestick, CAP player, IPTV SmartersFormuler Z8 (and others), MAG boxesSnappierTivimate, IBO Player and IBO Player PRO.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us using the chat form on your screen.  You will be connected to a Live Agent, via WhatsApp, who will answer any questions you may have, and if required, guide you through the process of installation. 

included with an iptv subscription

watching IPTV pay per view events

Ultimate Media IPTV Subscriptions provide up to 17,600+ TV channels from across the globe and includes over 5000+ Sports channels.  No matter who your favourite team is, or what sport you enjoy, we have you covered.

All Pay Per View events are provided as part of your IPTV subscription package.

watching IPTV movies on demand

All Ultimate Media IPTV Subscriptions also give you unlimited access to up to 15,000+ of your favourite TV shows and 88,000 Movies on demand at the click of a button. 


Our library is updated daily so you can watch the latest content in the highest quality.

IPTV Adult xxx

Ultimate Media provides over 190+ live channels of premium Adult IPTV XXX content, 24 hours a day.  Included in all IPTV Subscriptions (unless requested to exclude)

*Adult IPTV XXX content is pin protected to ensure viewers under 18 years old cannot view accidentally

Entertainment for everyone

Live TV from over 65+ countries and 
catch up channels 

iptv nfl
iptv nba
iptv mlb
iptv nhl

Including 5000+ Sports channels, all Pay Per View events and 190+ live Adult XXX channels

Every IPTV Subscription comes with up to 17,600+ premium TV channels from around the world so we have something for everyone.  From Premier league games, Championship, iFollow to NBA, NFL, NCAA College Football, NHL and MLB,  every major sport is represented in our comprehensive range of over 5000+ sports channels from all over the globe so you never have to miss the game again.  

With access to Pay Per View events there are no more expensive subscriptions for that "must see" boxing or MMA event.  Millions of people around the world are joining the "cord cutting" revolution.  Join our thousands of happy customers and "cut the cord" today.

You will also gain access to 190+ Premium IPTV Adult XXX live channels with every IPTV subscription

iptv premier league
iptv champions league
iptv europa league
iptv europa conference league
iptv MLS

There is always something to watch with an Ultimate Media iptv subscription

iptv efl championship
iptv ufc
iptv nascar

From entertaining the kids, to curling up on the sofa with your friends and family to watch the latest movie. 

Ultimate Media has compiled the very best in home entertainment for your viewing pleasure. 

Divided into easy to navigate categories you will find more than 88,000 movies and over 15,000 different TV series available instantly.  With new content being uploaded daily.

Every IPTV Subscription includes all On Demand content

iptv efl league one
iptv efl league two

B W, Forth Worth, TX

"I have been struggling with the price of all the subscriptions my family wants to be able to watch their sports and TV shows.  With the money I will save this year alone, we could have a vacation!!!  Thank you so much”
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